Reference – Viarde – Love and Hate

Have you ever stumbled across someones work and had the feeling of awe and hate at the same time? Well… I have these feeling right now. I recently stumbled across a company out on the other side of the world called Viarde, and these guys produce some of the best images I have seen, and this is why I am jealous. Granted I have not been around THAT long, but long enough to see some really great work. And of course I am still learning plenty and have lots of time to eventually achieve and start producing great looking images like theirs. Viarde, they seem to know their shit that is for sure. I hope to eventually achieve their level of detail and sense of realism sometime soon in my career. For now, I am filing these guys under my References for sure.

Check out their work at

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  1. Viarde says:

    Thanks for the reference 🙂

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