Tutorial – Quick Tip: Auto starting Vray and Backburner

Some times its in the small details that helps get the job done faster. In this case I just want to talk about setting up computers or your render nodes to have Vray, Backburner or any other program automatically load upon windows start up. Maybe simple, but I find it awesome when you have several computers/nodes.

For those that don’t know how, here is the scoop on how I get it done:

-Go to the Windows Start menu -> All Programs and find the Startup folder
-Right click on the Startup folder and click Open, a new window should open.
-If you have shortcuts to Vray and Backburner already on your desktop simply copy and paste them into the Startup folder.
-If you need to create shortcut icons, locate the program you want via the start menu and right click and choose Send to => Desktop (create shortcut)
-Done! Every time your computer or nodes starts up, Vray, Backburner or what ever you add to this folder will start up with the machine!


Check out this simple visual guide I made as well:

Quick Tip - Autostart program steps


Hope this is helpful to someone!

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