Announced: 160 Front Street

160 Front street, formally known as 156 Front Street in Toronto Canada was officially announced with their newly designed building by AS+GG. I worked on a lot of the shots from modeling, texturing to final composites for this project with several others at PiranhaNYC. Both the still images and accompanying animation and aerial footage was done at Piranha!   Check out some of the work [.....]

Tutorial – Quick Tip: Auto starting Vray and Backburner


Some times its in the small details that helps get the job done faster. In this case I just want to talk about setting up computers or your render nodes to have Vray, Backburner or any other program automatically load upon windows start up. Maybe simple, but I find it awesome when you have several computers/nodes. For those that don't know how, here is the scoop on how I get it done: -Go to the Windows Start menu -> [.....]

Tutorial – Quick Tip – View Port Selection Brackets Max 2012


Tutorial - Quick Tip - View Port Selection Brackets Max 2012. [jwplayer config="Custom Player_copy" mediaid="254"]   First quick tutorial, hope this information can be useful to those that have the same problem with selection brackets using 3DS Max

Reference – Viarde – Love and Hate


Have you ever stumbled across someones work and had the feeling of awe and hate at the same time? Well... I have these feeling right now. I recently stumbled across a company out on the other side of the world called Viarde, and these guys produce some of the best images I have seen, and this is why I am jealous. Granted I have not been around THAT long, but long enough to see some really great work. And of course I am still [.....]

Welcome! New Year – New Site


Happy 2013 to everyone! A new year, a new website of course! I have gone the route creating it via wordpress because of it's simplicity and my limited ability to code in HTML and CSS. With this new site I hope to be able to share all of my work and ideas on here finally in one central spot. With the growth of knowledge quickly expanding in the world of the internet I am hopeful to help contribute to some of its growth. So [.....]